Monday, 16 June 2014

Questions to Which the Answer is "No"

Should Creationism be taught in English schools?


  1. Teach no, but It's probably OK to mention it briefly alongside Finn MacCool, golden fleeces, slender men and the Wookey Hole Witch. (Although clearly there's a lot more evidence for the slender man, I mean they've got photo's and everything! :)

  2. Creation should be mentioned. It's beautiful, poetic and contains a lot of deep truth. Creationism doesn't have the credibility of myths like Finn or Jason. It's bad science - not even just "wrong" science, like speed-of-light-exceeding neutrinos or phlogiston, which were corrected by more experiments. It belongs with phrenology, graphology and Myers-Briggs.

  3. What's creationism? I went to an Approved school and we didn't have time for religious stuff, too busy learning lock picking, pick pocketing, safe breaking and cat burglaring and home tattooing?


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