Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Quick 1980s Pop Joke

Narcissus, rushing through the forest, comes to an unclouded fountain, of silvery water - undisturbed by shepherds or the flocks that graze. He flings himself down to drink and - in the water - he sees what he thinks is a real body, though it is but a shadow. He sees himself - two stars for his eyes, his godly face and body - and he gazes, in admiration, at the wonder before him in the deep.

Just then, he hears a thumping sound in the dell. And a group of creatures - half-human, half-rabbit - hop across the glade. They smile, quizzically, beneath their floppy ears as they disappear into the warren. The last he sees is their bobtails, vanishing into darkness. He is wrenched from his dream, and turns to the elemental creature of the well, who has crept up behind him.

"What were those?" he asks the nymph.

"What were those?" And her eyes are dark as limpid pools." Oh - just my backing group...."


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