Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Reimagining the Church for a New Generation

That was a challenging time. We booked a Mini-Moot to discuss our vision for the church of the future.

This is key, bleeding-edge stuff. In a world where connection is more important than linear logic, where community is being rediscovered and restructured - how do we reconfigure the Gospel? We have to be bold - to break new ground - to pretend to see the future.

So we threw around some radical ideas. The challenge of the Millennials - the need for rebooting Gen X as the dreamers and visionaries instead of the embittered, cynical rebels. The need to be relevant to life on the street, to the places where it's happening. The old binary ways are melting - the new world is one of configurable identity; constant partial belonging; a new world where propositional language is replaced by prepositional attitudes.

So it was a hard time, a fun time, a visionary time. And I think we've got the arrangement of the seats about right in the end.


  1. Honourable Archdruid, you are way beyond the times! I don't know about Anglicans, but the [Roman] Catholic Church has been building churches like this for yonks, and if they can't build a new church they have proceeded to eviscerate an old one in order to produce the above result.

    There were some experiments in placing the altar [worship focus table] in the centre of churches with the congregation sitting all round "like a pack of hyaenas" as the late, great Alice Thomas Ellis noted, but since this arrangement required the priest [Druid] to spin like a top in order to let everyone have a look, it never really caught on.

    Plus the fact that you couldn't have liturgical dancing in the aisles if you haven't any aisles.

    I suggest your Moot has another think.

  2. "a new world where propositional language is replaced by prepositional attitudes"? Not for me, I'm going for a world where the attitudes are postpositional. In other words, I'm off to the sun in Turkey. But you have to be a language geek to understand this one.


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