Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Imagine no Labour Theme Tune

The Guardian runs a piece on the @corbynjokes Twitter account. Which is worth reading for the lack of self-awareness in the comments below the fold, if nothing else.  Turns out the account was inspired by Jeremy Corbyn's response to the question, what would be his victory song? To which Corbyn replied "Imagine".

"Imagine" is a dreadful song. Not mainly for its replacement of old-fashioned religion with film of John and Yoko wafting around in white like smug hairy angels. Not just for its assumption, against all evidence,  that removing religion would somehow lead to everybody living happy lives. But for the hypocrisy that Elvis Costello pointed out in "The Other Side of Summer":
"Was it a millionaire that said 'imagine no possessions'?"

Wafting in white-pianoed opulence, "Imagine" is a New Labour song. It has the rhetoric of equality but none of its substance. Can't believe Jeremy Corbyn would like it. Thought better of him than that.

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  1. Mr Corbyn is a living relic. 'The Red Flag' is the traditional Labour campaign song, showing their roots in socialism. But Mr Corbyn admits too being a fan of #PramaticMarxism. So, I imagine that his victory song will be a Socialist Dirge, written my Marx himself, sung at the Great Mans graveside in Highgate Cemetery.

    I'm pleased to see that the #LibDems are quietly standing on the side lines to pick up the surviving defectors from the Labour, who will leave the renamed #Marxist party if Mr Corbyn gains power.

    Mind you, the #Marxist Trade Union leaders of #Unison, #Unite and the #RMT will be spread eagled at Mr Corbyn's feet in adoration - the new socialist God.


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