Friday, 17 July 2015

Liturgy for a Sufferer from Mild Scalding on the toes

The lighting of the healing toe-candle

Archdruid: Oh Lord, how many are my toes!

All: How sore the way they rise up against me.

Archdruid: When people ask "how did that happen, then" I shall tell them, the dog knocked a kettle over them.

All: And then shall they snigger and ask how much I had last night.

Archdruid: But it is no laughing matter. I shall know their blisters by day.

All: And their throbbing in the night time.

Archdruid: And so shall I lay down with my feet in cold water.

All: From the rising up of the pain, until its going down.

Combined dismissal and alternative therapy suggestion

Archdruid: Frozen peas.

All: They're under the cod.

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