Thursday, 23 July 2015

Lament Over the Labour Leadership Election

How long?
How long will this go on?

Every day we hear about the Labour Leadership Election
And by night the news is full of it

The tweeters tweet the tedious tidings
And the hustings go on forever.

See how the Tories rule unchallenged
Except by invaders from the North
People of strange speech who sit in other people's chairs.

All day they break parliamentary rules
And at night they dream of deep-fried Mars Bars and revolution.

But those who should oppose are in confusion.
They oppose only themselves.

Day after day they appear on TV:
The one we've heard of
The one who's like a Miliband without the charisma
The one from Leicester
And the one who we can't believe is winning.

For behold he stands there
Full of the faith of the ancestors
Looking like a prophet
But he profits only the enemy
Who carry on their work unnoticed
Stealing bread from children's mouths unseen.

And now the Destroyer has returned
Who destroyed Baby-lon in his anger
And Nineveh in his pride.

"Listen unto me, for I know of election" he roars
But they are all as the brazen serpent
Which hears not, charm he ever so wisely.
And who can blame them eh?

So a thousand ages in our sight
Will be as a hustings gone
Summer and winter;  springtime and harvest
And they still won't have anyone
To win them an election.

1 comment :

  1. Jeremy for Leader
    Jeremy to Lead
    Jeremy to lead the labour party into the wilderness
    Jeremy to eat locusts and to drink water from stones.
    Jeremy, Oh, Jeremy our heart bleeds for you,
    Tony B (ancient one) believes that you are the worst case scentario.
    Jeremy, the Trade Union Star.
    Jeremy - the socialist God.
    Jeremy, the ugliest poltician for Labour, who makes Tessa Jowell look human.
    Bring Back Ed Balls to tinkle the ivories for Labour.


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