Monday, 27 July 2015

The Wisdom of Frank Field

The Labour Party leadership election is being hijacked by Communists who want Jeremy Corbyn to win. According to the Telegraph, radical unions are encouraging people to join the party to vote for him. Which is, oddly, exactly the same tactic we're told some Conservatives are using. Then I read this:
Frank Field, a senior MP who nominated Mr Corbyn but does not want him to win, said: “The other three candidates need to confront Jeremy’s deficit-denial position." 
Well, maybe that's what the other candidates need to do. Or maybe Frank Field should reflect that, if he doesn't want people to win, he shouldn't nominate them. I presume he did it because he wanted a better debate. Unfortunately, given three cardboard candidates, it appears he also got a better debater. It's a bit like a Catholic Cardinal looking at the new, unexpected Pope and saying, "I only voted for Katharine Jefferts Schori because I wanted to open a debate about women's ministry."

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  1. Frank Field plays the field, to see if anyone is noticing. For a professed Christian Socialist his commen sense obviously fled when he left that useful forum, General Synod - where all wisdom is secreted in the Bishops pockets.


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