Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Concert for Debbie

For Northern friends of the Beaker Folk.

Debbie Hughes (later Peatman) was the Bible Scholar when I was at Brasenose College, Oxford. A woman who seemed to smile more, as a percentage of her life than, frankly, anyone else I ever saw. A woman who, when somebody caught fire at an Advent Carol service due to balancing too many books, candles and collection plates, ran after and comforted the person who set her hair on fire, rather than worrying about the mess all those candles, books, plates and coins made on the floor. She was that type of person.

In short, a wonderful woman and one who is very missed.

There's a concert in her memory - in support of St John's Hospice - on 13 September. Details are here. It's a good cause, she was a wonderful woman. I can only recommend. So that's what I will do.

(Debbie is top left in this picture. She is smiling, of course.)

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