Monday, 4 July 2016

Farage / Evans: A Nation Mourns

Where now are the leaders?

Who are the prophets who can guide us?

To whom can we look to insult a foreignor 

Or to shout "brum brum" excitedly?

It's Blokerdammerung

The twilight of the Blokes.



  1. Truly a shocking day, we need a 'mock parliament' that has no power or control over anything apart from which biscuits they will eat for elevenses. Hopefully those who aspire to rule the world will be happy with a pretence of pomp, grandeur and impotent power leaving the sane world to govern with common sense and love for each other. Perhaps even hoping for this identifies me as mad?

  2. Putting Mr Farage and Mr Evans into the Category of Leader is a mistake. Both are purveyors of poor taste in Beer, Cigarettes, nudity and music. They let it all hang out (allegedly literally in the Evans Case) and are not a good advert for the newly minted #Brexit identity, which is as anon describes Pomp and Circumstance, Jeremy Corbyn and Teresa May.

  3. Evans and Farage
    Retired to the garage.


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