Monday, 5 June 2017

Hymn for the passing of Peter Sallis (aka Norman Clegg aka Wallace in Wallace and Gromit)

Now all of the summer's gone
The golden ages of sit com
The smart bloke with the flat cap on
Has drunk his summer wine.

No bath tubs left to chase downhill
No Compo's socks to make him ill
No empty glasses to refill
With Tetleys not with wine.

The memories of the 70s here in my heart
Of Battys, Sid and Ivy's caff
They all had to part.

No pushy blokes with stupid plans
No rolling dales that pass with time
It's time to climb that angelic bike
And drink celestial wine.


  1. Wallace not Wallis, I think. But not the chap with the blue-and-white face.

    Also Penley in the Ice Warriors and Mr Bonteen MP in the Pallisers (murdered by the Rev. Emilius, Anthony Ainley). Probably in some more of my DVD collection.

  2. I had a wonderful audio cassette of Peter Sallis reading an Agatha Christe 'Poirot' mystery. I used to listen to it over and over for the joy of hearing Poirot speak with a Yorkshire/Belgian accent.

  3. The second fine eulogy that I've witnessed today. The other one, in our Cathedral, was twenty to twenty five minutes long, and I'm so glad it wasn't written as a congregational hymn, which would have had Saints out of their tombs to complain.


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