Saturday, 17 June 2017

Those Newer Versions of Hymn Books

New English Hymnal

Even Newer English Hymnal

Newest English Hymnal

Revised English Hymnal

New Revised Standard English Hymnal

Today's New English Hymnal

New International English Hymnal

Hymns Ambient and Post-Modern

Collated Mission Praise

Combined Final Definitely the Last Mission Praise

Mission Praise: The Revenge

Now that's What I call Taizé XXIII

The New Improved But Still Definitely In Need of  Redemption Hymnal

The Even More Complete Come and Praise

Catholic Hymns Old and Less Old

The Disunited Methodist Hymnal

Combined Songs of Fellowship

Complete Songs of Fellowships

Even more Complete Songs of Fellowship

Complete Songs of Fellowship: A New Hope

Please no more Songs of Fellowship

Sounds of Dripping Water


  1. The Nearly-New Song Book Of The Salvation Army (Thrift Store Edition)

  2. Hymns Ancient and early Victorian

    100 Hymns for Yesterday

  3. meanwhile in the Choir vestry:

    Oxford Easy Anthem Book

    New Oxford Easy Anthem Book

    The Oxford Book of Flexible Anthems

    The Oxford Book of Easy Flexible Anthems

    The Oxford Book of Floppy Anthems (spiral-bound)

    The Oxford Book of Easy Peasy Lemon-squeezy Anthems, arranged for grade III organ, without voices

  4. For Organists
    'One foot at a time' (I keep a copy within easy reach)
    Easy-Peasy arrangements of Jerusalem, O Jesus I Have Promised and Popular Wedding Music.

  5. For choristers
    "I can't believe it's not Rutter"

  6. Two real hymn books I saw in a catalogue:
    Hymns We've Always Loved,
    Hymns That Aren't Too High,
    'Hymns For Low Churches', 'The Goldilocks Hymn Book', or 'Tolerable Hymns & Anthems' might fill a few gaps in the market perhaps?

  7. The realistic hymn books:
    Songs of Disunity and
    Fission Praise: songs of a divided church

  8. New Hymns and Washed-up Songs

    Rejoice and Sin

  9. 100 Hymns Rarely Sung.Compilation

  10. Favourite hymns with dodgy theology

    1930s Childrens Hymnal - 100 copies on a shelf in the vestry

    Hippy hymn book for 3 chord guitar - 1967

    1. 1967 was actually a very good year for Christian music - premiere of the first of the ten Gowans & Larsson musicals

  11. The 3 hymns everyone knows for weddings and funerals.

    1. Lord of the Dance, Amazing Grace and One More Step Along The Road I Go

  12. Realy Terrible Songs for the Thing We Don't Call Sunday School

  13. I remember, at a book fair held at Vicar School™, seeing the fantastic "Responsible preaching on the Pauline Epistles", and desperately searching for its less popular companion book, "Irresponsible preaching on the Pauline Epistles".


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