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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Cabinet Reshuffle

Those New Appointments in Full

Oracle of DelphiTheresa May
Minister for WhalesMoby Dick
Lord High Executioner Andrea Leadsom
Lord of the DanceBoris Johnson
Eye of SauronNigel Farage
Smug Lord George Osborne
Chief Prefect and 3rd Oik Michael Gove
Minister of Magic Jeremy Hunt
Unseen HandOrange-man
Orange ManDonald Trump
Lord ChancellorMing the Merciless
Foreign SecretaryGrima Wormtongue 
Minister for Re-educationJustine Greening
Ministry of Delusion Emily Thornberry
Minister of FoxesLiam Fox
Minister of TrussesLiz Truss
Minister for Climate ChangeNoah
Keeper of the Queen's Guinea Pigs David Gauke

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