Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Seek and You Shall Find

Annoying. Thought it would be nice to have Taize-style High Mass in the Catholic Tradition. Them Catholics always have some saint to celebrate, so I was going to look up whose day it is in my Big Book of Saints.

Trouble is I've lost it. If only there were someone whose help I could ask for.


  1. St Anthony is very competent at this sort of thing! Provided he can spare you the time from sorting out my chaos.

    1. O Catherine - I am named after St Anthony, and I've lost more than I had in the first place ...

  2. I fell for that one! I had to consult my diary to see which Saint is celebrated today in the Church and was surprised to find the answer!

  3. St Tazer of electrocution? Will have everyone wriggling with joy

  4. Are you a lost soul? St Tony will find you.


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