Sunday, 23 July 2017

"Bossy Woman"

Quite an evening yesterday as Marston Moretaine, at our Micro-Moot, said he was fed up with Charlii being "bossy".

Naturally Charlii asked for specific evidence as to bossiness.  Which Marstone told us was a specific example of bossiness. Took us quite a long while till we found out what he really meant.

When I say quite a long while, I mean: until now.

Turns out that when Marston said Charlii was "bossy", he meant she has opinions which she is prepared to support with reasoned argument.

We've had to put him in for re-training. This could take a while.

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  1. I suspect that many men like bossy women, particularly went it lifts the onus on us to be the leader and to exert our masculinity.

    A case in point must be Charli, her reasoned arguments are backed up with force of arm or foot or other weapon, and she could well have a second career as a Cage Fighter. She deserves respect through sheer force.....


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