Friday, 21 July 2017

Extraordinary Form of Worship

For real traditionalist Beaker Folk, we're pleased to say that tonight's Filling up of Beakers will be in the "Extraordinary Form." We've heard this is quite popular these days.

We're hoping we're on the right tracks here. Hnaef and Burton will be leading from inside a pantomime unicorn costume. Keith will be juggling guinea pigs. And Charlii will be using a cane to encourage the congregation to respond in a more holy manner.

We reckon that's pretty Extraordinary.

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  1. You think you are joking. Clown masses, eye-watering home-designed vestments, animals running riot in the Sanctuary, all in the "Spirit of Vatican II", have pre-empted you.

    Furthermore, I am reliably informed that in at least one Eastern rite, men with sticks patrol the aisles in order to hit people whom they think are not paying sufficient attention, or may be asleep.

    The website EOTT has the same problem: think up some impossibly ludicrous scenario,and somebody will pop up in the comments box to announce that this exact scenario is played out weekly in their own parish church, nem. con.


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