Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Leaks in the Church

A Folkstone Church discovers the cause of its leaky roof - a World War II bullet.

Worth watching to wonder why it didn't occur to the congregation at the time - there being a war one. But I suppose they could have been distracted by the Home Guard amusingly getting caught up in the bell ropes while shouting "Don't Panic".

Which reminds me - for those of Anglo-Catholic persuasion especially  - isn't the verger's attitude towards the vicar spot on in its portrayal? And shouldn't it have been stamped out back then?

I digress. The piece also has a niche bit of subtitling failure, as "flèche" gets rendered "flesh". You just can't find a subtitler with an interest in church architecture when you need one.

But it does remind me of when we had a similar problem with leaks. Took us months to find out the source. Then it turned out to be Denzyl on the Pastoral Committee, sharing what he shouldn't down the White Horse. We soon plugged that.


  1. “It’s been leaking for 75/6 years” sounds as though there was a similar mind-set to the recent story of “church grass cutter is hit in face [whilst strimming churchyard] with dog mess 156 times” – Wasn’t once enough to initiate action?

  2. The reality check for them now that the roof has been fixed, the market that the Church Wardens had cornered in emergency umbrellas will have vanished - they will have to think up an new fund raising strategy. Your 75 year old stewardship campaign is redundant.


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