Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Vicars are Revolting

Gavin Ashenden, formerly one of 783 or so chaplains to the Queen, is threatening a "Vicar Rebellion" against assorted wrong things - according to the Telegraph.

But 23 clergy of some kind is hardly a "rebellion". That's more on the level of a minor upset at a chapter tea party. What's the collective term for a small number of upset clergy? A schismette?

Let's face it, Reverend G and his 22 friends ain't gonna 'hold the streets" in the worst clergy riots since the Popish Plot.

The article quotes the Revd Dr Sanlon of Tunbridge Wells. It doesn't say he is "disgusted". But I bet he is.

Still, I'm now anxiously awaiting them to drive some tanks in appropriate liturgical colours on Synod.

"What do we want?"

"Traditional Biblical sexual morality."

"When do we want it?"



  1. They could go and join the Ordinariate, which has a dwindling membership, as people secretly return to the Anglican fold. Getting tired of not having churches to go to and having to meet in peoples living rooms.

    Those who propose to leave, must realise that their comfortable lives, Vicarages, Stipends and Parish Churches don't belong to them as the Ordinariate found when they tried to remove vestments from a Church to take with them.

    23 homeless Clergy might become a burden on the taxpayers, but making themselves intentionally homeless might mean a long wait for a council house.

    They might be better off outside the CofE, because despite their views being accommodated within the Church, they seem to shift them every time something inclusive is proposed or voted through.

    Reality check for those who call themselves Orthodox, whose definition of Orthodox is being discussed? The main stream of the CofE is listening to the Spirit, while the diyed in the Wool Orthodox are listening to each other, disregarding the Spirit.

    1. Yes, yes and thrice Yes!
      Even better, though, as few if the Orthodontist 23 are C if E clergy. Their number is spread throughout denominations.

  2. It would also be useful to clarify what Traditional Biblical Sexual Morality consists of, simply so we can make sure all transfers of slave women to husbands, all additional wives, all mandatory marriages of widows to their brothers-in-law, etc., are done with maximum ease, minimal fuss, and the appropriate collects.


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