Thursday, 3 May 2018

Coffee-Making Rita

Thanks to all the people who have contacted me to let me know about the typo on the May newsletter.

Rita is a specialist barista and an expert in making coffee in the Portuguese style.

I've never met anyone called Rota, so I don't know why you're all recommending I meant her.

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  1. Rita is the name of a woman of a certain age, probably a baby boomer, and named after Rita Hayworth. More modern parents go for more usual names based on what is going around now. The other day, I heard a mother shouting out Tesler, you stop that this minute! I looked around, expecting to see a car misbehaving, but instead a small boy was picking his nose, and admiring the product, much to his mothers disgust.

    There are loads of Freddie's and Zak's and Primroses around these days, and Alfie and even Cecil and Sissie. Not sure the boy called Sissie will be much good a school, too busy fighting to study.


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