Monday, 14 May 2018

Tebbs and Ipps - Norman Gets on His Bike Again

Norman Tebbit makes the Mail by telling us he's not attending worship at St Edmundsbury Cathedral because the Dean is a "Sodomite".

An ancient institution whose central tenets nobody believes in, that has no young members though it tries to act "hip" sometimes but is always embarrassing, the Conservative Party has had Norman Tebbit in its ranks for over 60 years.

Nigel Farage said he wouldn't be surprised if the head of the cathedral staff were a Sodomite. Thousands of immigrants try to get into this country every year and it's time we controlled our borders.

Meanwhile the Mail Online readers congratulate Tebbit on his believing what the Bible says. Well, what does the Bible say about Sodom?

Genesis 19 tells us that Sodom was destroyed because it was a hostile environment for visiting foreigners. While Ezekiel 16 says that the sin of Sodom was to be  arrogant and unconcerned for the poor and needy.

Avoid Sodomites? I'm amazed Norman Tebbit's not calling for a Free Trade Agreement after Brexit.

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  1. There appears to be something Victorian about Lord Tebbit. His views are so reactionary, he could join the Christian Centre and help to fight for biblical mis-interpretation.

    If we fall back on the two greatest commandments, than we know that we should love our neighbors as ourselves.

    Perhaps Lord Tebbit missed that particular part of the bible.

    Of course, with his money, he could set up his own private chapel and worship with Southern Baptists, all year around.


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