Saturday, 7 February 2009


The pouring-out of beakers ceremony has once again been cancelled this morning, due to the water in the beakers being frozen.  We're a bit concerned as to just how frostproof this batch of beakers is, so Hnaef's knocking up a new batch in the Beakering shed.  Or he would be, but the kiln won't light. So be careful or we'll be reduced to improvising with jam jars.

We have a few visitors who've somehow managed to struggle here up the M1 for a week.  We have had serious incidents with pilgrims in the past in this weather.  You may remember certain members of the Community persuaded them that dancing naked on Aspley Heath is a mandatory (or at least obligatory) part of our worship.  You know full well it's not.  Please don't do it.  There are places that you really don't need frostbite.

 The Snow-druid competition was quite a success.  However I wasn't totally impressed with Young Keith's "Eileen".  Is my nose really that shape?

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