Sunday, 4 April 2010

Cut-price Election

Fascinated that the Labour party apparently had a competition for a witty anti-David Cameron slogan.  I was at college with David Cameron in the 1980s and I was slimmer, fitter and generally had more free time then.  I don't remember what "Dave" was like then, if indeed I met him in the two years our careers overlapped,  probably because he was much posher and more well-liked.  But in any case, if "Dave" can fix it so we all go back to, say, 1986, that's fine by me.  I'll go and dig out my hockey stick.

But I digress. The thought struck me that, if the Labour party are so short of dosh that they have to get well-wishers to send in poster ideas, perhaps they could adopt the whole "Vision On" approach to it?  The next Labour Party Political Broadcast could consist of the camera shifting through a "Gallery" of posters designed by 9 year olds and Bob Crow, while cheesy music played in the background.  First prize could be a flight on a BA plane or a trip in a train, next time either are allowed to run.  It would save New Labour money, and we wouldn't have to see Gordon trying to smile in that scary way.  So everyone's a winner.

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