Thursday 1 April 2010

Last Supper and New Moon

I had a visitor the other day arrive on the site searching for "Last Supper and New Moon".  It's an interesting combination of blog search terms.  Because, without reading the mind of the searcher, I'm going to guess that (s)he was checking out the theory that the darkness at the crucifixion was caused by a solar eclipse.  It would chime in nicely with the Victorian Liberals' explaining away of everything miraculous.

Well not this one.  Like the Beaker Folk, Jews like their celebrations - or certainly the Passover one - at Full Moon.  And at Full Moon the moon is opposite the sun in the sky.  So you don't get a solar eclipse, which only happens at New Moon when the moon is right in front of the sun.  Lunar eclipses, of course, happen at Full Moon.

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