Thursday, 25 October 2018

On St Crispin's Day

As the full moon sets through the mists towards Woburn, and the sun rises in its misty glory towards Bedford, I feel proud to be English!

For today is St Crispin's Day - and Agincourt Day! And what could be a more fitting day than Agincourt Day to celebrate Brexit!

Agincourt - that dramatic British victory in the midst of the Hundred Years War. Which erm ended in a dismal defeat for the English, as the Crown lost all its continental possessions and gained just Calais. A story of honest Englishmen led to disaster by the vanity, greed and folly of their leaders.

After which the weakened English turned on each other, in the butchery of the Wars of the Roses.

At least the Hundred Years War produced a saint! Albeit she was French.

But still, let us Remember Agincourt!

After all, it's more comforting than remembering  OrléansPatayFormigny, and Castillon.

And now we sing "Happy Birthday" to Wellington from the Perishers.

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