Sunday 14 October 2018

Traditional Celtic Service

This morning's worship is "Traditional Service in the Celtic Style". With CDs.

So according to Snodgrazz we're gonna sit (in a circle, cross-legged, natch) in the Moot House, listening to the rain fall on the tin roof, and sing haunting melodies telling of God and Nature.

I guess they must be pretty old CDs?

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  1. I would have thought that taking the roof off to sit in the rain would have been quite appropriate, given the the Celtic regions are famous for wet weather and the natives would be worshiping in the open, perhaps covered by skins to keep their own skins dry and with a bit of woad on their faces thrown in. I'm not sure whether the human sacrifices are available in these post-post-modern times, unless Borish Johnson becomes prime minister, in which case we will revert to it without any doubt. Starting with Michael Gove.

  2. Surely, for the Beaker Folk, a 'Traditional Service in the Celtic Style' is a contradiction in terms, like, perhaps 'A Tridentine Mass in the Hillsong Style'.


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