Tuesday 30 October 2018

Pumpkin and Wine

Budget was a bit of a shock. Obviously no complaints about the tax cuts for rich people, but that's only gonna pay for the wine duty increase. Oh well. "Qu'ils buvent du gin", I guess.

People are asking me about the kid's Halloween party. And I know last year people were terrified by the appearance  of those orange vegetables, formed into a resemblance of human heads, their faces gazing with that awful grinning leer.

But personally I see no reason why we can't re-use the Donald Trump costumes. Not when we're trying to save money for wine.

Did I mention the wine duty?

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  1. It was a mixed budget for me. I’m posh and rich, but I like wine! Mind you, my preferred tipple, Tesco Pinot Noir, retails at about 5 quid so the 8p extra ain‘t gonna kill me. To be honest, I wouldn’t bother to spit on a beggar, to pick up 8p in the street.

  2. As always in a Tory budget the rich get richer and the poor are thrown a few crumbs. The working poor are the scandal they exploitation by stingy employers and greedy land lords is a scandal. Our food bank is busier than ever and nothing in the budget will change that. After the windfall of Harvest donations, they're again running low on stock due to increased demand on their services. As for the increase in duty on wine, it won't have any affect on our pensioner budget as we don't drink any alcohol. Water from the tap suffices to make coffee and tea which is enough for us. Spreadsheet Phil is keeping his powder dry until he gets the 'No Deal' Brexit that the ERG long for, than he can raise taxes to please Labour and squander the Brexit premium by making the rich a bit richer.

  3. I hadn't realised it was Donald Trump. I thought it was the visiting Revd. Youngblood come to visit early. Whoops!

    Yours, etc.

    Mrs I.M.Rabid.


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