Monday, 12 November 2018

That Shameless Plug Time of the Year

As the storms of Brexit swirl about, the President of the United States worries about his hair getting wet and the Spice Girls reunite without Posh, you're probably wondering which would be worse - "No Deal", World War 3, or Spice World 2 - The Revenge.

And it's in these dark times leading up to Christmas that people tend to think "what book can we buy for Aunt Myrtle that is amusing, compact, and reasonably priced on Amazon?

Writes of the Church: Gripes and grumbles of people in the pews is the book for you. Amusing, reasonably priced, and fitting neatly into any stocking. The vicar thinks the congregation is the problem - and vice versa. The congregation drunk has a pumpkin on his head and everyone wonders why children are allowed in the service.  Especially the children.

From Amazon and The Bible Readers Fellowship.


  1. Take care with this book. My Aunty Dot bought a copy last year and gave it to one of the other old dears at the Care Home where she lives. She literally died laughing - well that combined with being 104 and accidentally driving her mobility scooter out in front of a number 82 bus!

    And while we're doing Shameless Promotion, you can read more about Aunty Dot and the goings on in her Home in this book: "In my Liverpool Home: A Bernie Fazakerley Mystery" (


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