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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

We'll Leave it all Tidy

Don't worry about the roof
It'll last as long as no-one steals it.
The memorials are all in their places
Cleaned annually, remembering forgotten faces.
The funeral bier
is still here.
Last used in 1845.
A nice reminder
of when tradition was still alive.
The hymn books are old
But they'll last us out.
And this Christmas we'll put the tree up
For the Carol Service as it always was.
And we'll take it down Twelfth Night
Ignoring those modernists who say
It should stay till Candlemas.
And we won't move the pews
Or install loos.
We won't do anything to offend
Those who are no longer here.
We'll just keep it steady
Until the day we are ready
To move, ourselves, outside.
We'll leave it all tidy
when we've all died.

1 comment :

  1. Our funeral Biers are used regularly, at least once a month, and we will use them again today. As for the Christmas preparations the Tree doesn't go up until the week of Christmas Day. Sticking until Candlemass. Tradition held too, rather loosely here.


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