Monday 28 October 2019

Unlocking the Brexit Box

In many ways, Brexit being delayed to 31 January is both an opportunity and unnerving. Autumn is the time of year when I send the Beaker Folk out to clear out the ditches. And the thought of finding Boris Johnson in one is definitely unnerving.

On the bright side, the delay means I can release the Brexit Stockpile we've been building in the cellar as a provision against No-Deal. Good news for my brother, who lives down there with his guardian, Mrs Rochester. As it means he will get back his space for running around screaming.

And also good news, as we will now be able to serve up all the low-cost, high-energy, long-life food we've been storing down there.

So the menu for each meal, every day in November, will be baked beans and rice.

And in December, rice and baked beans.

Beaker Folk will be glad to hear that we're moving all services outside until Yule.

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  1. At least the 200 toilet rolls I've stockpiled will keep. The new date is 31st January - but which year I wonder?


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