Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Eve of St.Kirsty

On this Eve of St Kirsty, Beaker Folk are expected to join in our Liturgy of Silence. Please note this does not apply in the Designated Areas. To wit, the Beaker Bar (donations only please - we don't have a licence); the White Horse and the Primal Screaming Sound-proofed Dome.

When the sun disappears, bringing fears that come only at night, we'll be lighting tea lights in the Kirsty Shrine. We've had a disaster trying to be more eco-friendly so are back to standard tea lights. Who would have thought using hand -woven wicker instead of aluminium cases would have burnt the Moot House down like that?

And sadly our plan to melt half-burnt tea lights down to make a statue of Shane and Kirsty went terribly wrong. We cast Shane first, and he walked straight off to get a drink.

Some Beaker Folk are planning an autumn walk through the muddy fields. It should be a spiritual, natural time. But I won't be joining.

In these shoes? I don't think so.

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