Thursday 6 February 2020

Commemoration of the Life of Kirk Douglas (1916-2020)

Kirk Douglas and Lauren BacallArchdruid: We meet to mark the passing of a man... always flawed, as we all are. Always determined, sometimes brave, very dimpled and above all.... famous.

Charlii: Just an old actor, wasn't he? Does anyone care?

Archdruid: Well, I'm sad, I guess....

Hnaef: I'm sad, I guess.

Burton: No, I'm sad, I guess.

Young Keith: I'm sad, I guess.

All: I'm sad, I guess...

Continues for days. 

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  1. That he survived to 103 is a miracle given the sometimes shortened lives of screen actors. And he demonstrated the benefits of not kow towing to those who persecuted the media for communist sympathies in the days of hysteria and used someone in that category to write the screen play for Spartacus. A long career in action movies and outlived many of his fellow actors.


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