Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Anne Wetherspoons is Disapproving

The leader of the Disapproving Beaker Folk, Anne Wetherspoons, has been to see me - socially disapproving, of course - to have a bit of a disapprove.

Anne doesn't approve of the same-gender dancing we saw at the Strictly Liturgical Dancing event yesterday. She doesn't like us calling it same-gender instead of us calling it same-sex. She also doesn't want us calling it same-sex dancing, as she doesn't really like us using the word "sex".

She basically thinks that this kind of dancing is immoral, lascivious, prone to sin and a moral danger to the young. 

And I'm not saying she's wrong. 

But it's still only Morris Dancing. 

Morris dancing. Good old Morris.


  1. This is how it should be done, Covid-stylee....

  2. I would have thought that the same-gender title would be in the name. "Morris" Dancing?


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