Sunday, 11 October 2020

Towards a Beaker Future

I've heard there's a lot of rumours around the place about the new initiative "Towards a Beaker Future". Well, there's no conspiracy. We just noticed that, taking a leaf from the Dom Cummings "Move fast and break stuff forever because we're rich and entitled and it won't hurt us" agenda, the good old C of E has been having a bash and why not us? Because let's face it there's nothing like a good pandemic to let you reorganise anything you like - including Public Health provision apparently - and if it doesn't work we can blame the virus

So the "Towards a Beaker Future" initiative will be changing everything, in lots of ways, all at once, and for no apparent reason. I'm not saying nothing will be worse. Or indeed better. But it will be different. Unless the normal human tendency to put everything back where it was cuts in and we come up with lots of radical-sounding stuff and nothing really changes.

Anyway. Enough of the blurb. Here's what you were all waiting for... the Powerpoint slide.

Lots of meaningless shapes, icons and pictures with words like "envision" and "governance". The bottom up group is led by the leadership. You know the kind of thing

Good old C of E ©The Church Mouse

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