Tuesday, 30 March 2021


 Two days in and welcome to the season of Judgementtide. When people take to Social Media to criticise people who are doing what they're allowed to do.

We can expect from now till the end of Judgementtide complaints that people couldn't go to the park because there were so many people in the park; that people out jogging where literally surrounded by people out jogging; that people on the beach can't believe that so many other people go to the beach. 

Meanwhile Daily Mail photographers will be hitting every public space to take photographs of other people in the public space, to prove how selfish they are.

If you are someone who celebrates the season of Judgementtide, please don't.

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  1. I suspect that "Cummings" envy might be on the cards. We have a huge park/recreation ground behind our house, which is usually quite, today is was busier than of late as more people use the Tennis Courts and Soccer Pitches and even some people playing cricket. The Rugby Club hasn't so far opened, but will probably be out training soon. Easter or No Easter, they are normally out regularly.


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