Saturday 6 March 2021

Liturgy for Laurence Fox Running for London Mayor

 When we heard Laurence Fox was running for London Mayor* we rejoiced.

We cried with joy in the streets of Husborne Crawley**

For he is representing those silenced

those whose voices have not been heard.

The white upper-middle-classes

Old Harrovians

Members of acting dynasties

RADA graduates

Former spouses of Doctor Who companions

People who've been on prime-time TV regularly for their entire adult lives.

Telegraph journalists

and friends of Toby Young.

For who hears from these people

and who gets to hear their opinions?

They are ground down by the system

and excluded by the Woke.

Like the Israelites in Babylon

they cry by the rivers 

they are dropped by their agents

and know the Morse franchise won't be extended to a fourth incarnation.

And so he will count his money

gnash his privately-educated teeth

wear a suit jacket with tattered jeans

like Richard Hammond in 2005

and put himself up for election.

Where he will sink like a stone

like Jonah in the sea

or those that descend to a political Sheol

and we would like to say he'll never be heard of again.

But no such luck.

* Not worth paying for the paywall.

** While on permitted daily exercise


  1. He has no hope of success. He will muddy the waters and attract the votes of vaccine deniers, those who think that Right Wing politics are the right ones and my vote will go elsewhere.

  2. Nicely done (as he should be). Our vulpine 'friend' has no reason to complain yet does so anyway.


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