Monday, 19 July 2021

St Gregory and Macrina's Day

 Today as well as Freedom Day, when the Covid plague stops at the threshing floor of Araunah, it is St Gregory and Macrina's Day.

It was St Gregory who, when told he could take his mask off in church because St Boris the Hermit had healed the land, said he would be keeping his mask on and so would all those in his churches because St Boris had a habit of making up stuff he thought might be cheerful, rather than living in the real world.

We mostly remember St Macrina for her contribution to Liturgical Dancing. The song she wrote has been sadly corrupted since her time, but the original ran:

Have a dance in holy joy, St Macrina
Dancing is a holy thing, St Macrina
Though we all find it embarrassing, St Macrina
Hey St Macrina

St Macrina would find the current words much less edifying.

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  1. Not sure that St Boris has "Got It" despite he himself suffering from the pestilence. He has flip flopped continually and just yesterday condemned all young people without a vaccination or two to be banned from all entertainment venu's. Their clubbing life ended abruptly. So, now we can expect them to gorge on outings to as many places as they can before the September deadline. Alternatively, they might all migrate to the Beker Kingdom to get unrestrained and uninhibited dance and worship with the Beker folk, knowing that the only penalty being imposed for participation will be drinking out of Beker Beakers and possibly a cash donation via their smartphones for the privilege of such worship.


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