Monday, 30 July 2012

A Diet of Worms

I am afraid that today's Holiday Club theme - the King Herod mentioned in Act 12 - was strong meat for our tender attendees.

I believe they understood the moral - that a man is a man, not a God. They could see the dangers of sinful pride. They could understand that we have an jealous God, who does not give his place to any other.

But when Denzel reproduced the death of Herod Agrippa, employing a tin of spaghetti in tomato sauce, they found it rather disturbing. To be sure, we have put the Gospel before them. If they then reject it, is it our fault? Or is it theirs?


  1. I suspect the spaghetti was the issue. No one would like to think that if their head was cut off, that all the spaghetti in tomato sauce that they had eaten would spill out - Urgh

  2. I can give you a tale with a good moral for tomorrow. Herod's daughter, Drusilla, left her husband and married Felix who kept Paul under house arrest for two years. Paul preached the Gospel to them but there is no word that they repented. Drusilla died at the age of 42 in Pompeii when Vesuvius exploded. I wonder if she remembered Paul's message as the hot ash smothered her?

  3. Pidge, Just wondering why you'd think that the Arch Druid, Drayton or anyone else of the Beaker folk were seeking a moral story? Being moral would be bad for their morale.

  4. Cos he said.
    The morals were more gory than good. Reckon mine trumped in gory though. A nice roll of sinister background music admittedly when the prophetic owl sat above Herod's head but I've got a better build up; sibling rivalry when Drusilla tempts Felix away from older sister Beatrice and the scene of debauchery with the girls' statues on the brothel roof after dad's gruesome death not to mention the use of Paul for after dinner entertainment. You can't say that Drusilla didn't know the power of God and the gospel. The smell of sulphur in the air and the wells running dry the day before the eruption. Ideal kids story, it's got the lot.


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