Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Making Time for Time

As well as the Worship Committee, I'm afraid the rest of the day has been a bit hectic. I've been organising some quality-of-life sessions - for myself, and for others - and it's not really worked out.

The "Self Organisation" training seminar I was giving over-ran by an hour and a half. This meant I was late for the Time Management Course, but I dipped in for twenty minutes which meant I only made the last ten of "Making Time for God".

"Making Time for God" was a really good session, from what I could make of it. As the diary currently stands, I'm hoping to make some time for God myself, maybe next Thursday if I can sneak out of "Practising the Presence of Peace" a bit early.

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  1. It's alway challenging to manage your time when you are the actual leader. You need a good personal secretary who can prompt you in good time for such things.

    Filofax make a very useful one, electronic or paper based. I've used one since they introduced them over 28 years ago. I was the original yuppy.

    Now retired, I continue to rely on it, also on an electronic calendar, google calandar and my smart phone. As my retirement is so busy, I'm thinking of resigning and getting a job to have more leisure time.


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