Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Famine of the Word (Amos 8)

I have just put the phone down after a most distressing call from my dear friend Sydney Pegg, pastor of the Bournemouth Bountiful Baptist Church. He has been repenting in dust and ashes since Sunday. For the first time in 13 years, the Bountiful Baptists had a service in which a holidaymaking visitor did not stand up and give them "a word from God". What has he done, he was wondering, that his fellowship should be abandoned so?

I suggested they simply had no holidaymakers with them this Sunday, due to the weather. Maybe it is only visitors that have a word for them - on the principle of "a prophet in his own country"? But he was inconsolable. I shall pray for sun on the South Coast.


  1. I've often wondered where I could find a church that would welcome my standing up and shouting something from the Word.

    The last time I stood up and shouted 'BEGAT' I was ejected because they said that I was being rude.

    Why? it's a biblical word in my KJV and only points out who was the father of who. And the lineage of the house of David is an important OT historical fact.

    I'm quite offended by this unkind action as the inspiration was the decidedly good looking....

  2. That Bournemouth be a god forsaken blighted heathen midden heaving wid curzed revellers and goings on that I scarce dare to think on never mind say out loud. The rains be letting such a pit of iniquitous murk off light, if you do want to know the truth of it all.

    1. Judith, you're right! And brazen hussies murdering their first loves in upstairs boarding-house bedrooms before running away to Stonehenge.

      Much better stay on Boscombe. It's quieter there.


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