Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nothing New Under the Sun

I have had a dramatic evening.

So intent was I on the production of a new Holiday Club programme, I completely forgot I had not started the preparation of the sermon for this evening's devotions.

It was only when Marjorie opened the study door and pointed out that the Music Group was playing their warm-up chorus for the eightieth time that I came to my senses. What was I to do? If I were the self-styled "Archdruid" of the Beaker Folk, I would have introduced a "sharing service" where everyone was allowed to  throw in their own inspirations and home-spun wisdom. But at the Bogwulf Baptists, we recognise the Priesthood of All Believers by only allowing the minister of the Word to preach.

But with a moment of sheer inspiration, as I left my study in a kind of dream I grabbed last week's evening sermon. I had a kind of idea of explaining - as was almost certainly true - that some had not truly grasped my meaning last week, and they needed it explaining again.

Brothers and Sisters, do you know - not one person after the service remarked that the sermon was vaguely familiar? Many stopped to congratulate me on the sermon - which is gratifying, although we look not for human praise - but all the same, surely somebody must have noticed?

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