Friday, 13 July 2012

Rainy Day

Poor Burton. It's not everyone goes straight from chicken pox to shingles.

Well, when I say "shingles..." What I mean is, he felt a bit recovered first thing and went for a stroll round the place. But he came round to where I was - ahem - supervising Hnaef and the emergency building team re-roofing the chicken coop in a more durable material. So when we saw Burton coming towards us, still spotty and a bit ill-looking, we threw roof tiles at him till he went away.

Yesterday we had the option today of blessing the rain we've received, and feeling for those people in the southern US who are suffering with a long-running drought - or staying in all day, moping about the rain, and playing board games.

So board games it was. We were playing the theological version of Trivial Pursuit. Categories are "Dogmatics", "Eschatology", "Redaction Criticism", "Ethics", "Soteriology" and "Entertainment".  Hnaef missed one easy chance to win, with a question about the significance of the Bowls that are poured out in Rev 17-18. He got very grumpy about it. I pointed out to him, it's not the end of the world. Although, according to the answer on the card, it is.

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  1. Just wondering how in fact you were supervising Hnaef, one suspect that steel toe capped boots or a seasoned cricket bat might have been the method of supervision.

    As for Burton and his spots, have you thought of offering him to a circus or travelling show as a curiosity? Not just for the spots, but for his ability to maintain accounts that always seem to burn with eternal fire.


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