Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Recruiting Children's Workers

It was Erika's comment that reminded me we're still a bit short of (unpaid) children's workers. The Little Pebbles can't continue to operate on a profitable basis if we don't keep the volunteer staff levels up.

So I asked Burton to do me a quick survey of the kind of people who lead Sunday School classes in the area, to help me identify the right demographic to do the job. He's very kindly delivered the results as a pie-chart, and I think the lesson is very clear.So we know whom we're looking for now.

People who make good Sunday School Teachers


  1. If I were not clean minded, that picture would resemble two b......

    Making a point...........

    1. Whom do you know who has overlapping b...?

  2. I'm sure that Burton would want to point out that it's actually a Venn diagram and not a pie chart.


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