Friday, 27 July 2012

That Twitter Joke

Thankfully it passed unnoticed at the time. But I've been fretting about it.

After all, it was only a tweet. But, when all's said and done, declaring somebody anethama can't really be said to be harmless. And it wasn't a joke - I really meant it at the time. Though I revoked it later, when i'd calmed down a bit.

But while threatening someone's mortal soul is surely more serious than blowing up an airport, I've no idea what English Law thinks about it. I shall have to be more cautious in future.


  1. Is twitter a joke?

    I thought that it was a social media site that allows you to tweet in 140 characters?

    And, if it's a joke, someone has made more money from it than Frank Carson ever did.

    "It's the way that I tell them"!

  2. I shouldn't worry if I were you. I haven't seen your post, but no doubt what you meant was that you profoundly disagreed. Anathemas are the business of the Church in solemn Council. Pace Luther and Calvin, I doubt that any one Christian can really damn another to hell.

  3. Sorry; I tried to tone this down and say 'some Reformers' but the wretched software wouldn't let me. Please read me according,y.


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