Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Transparency, Openness and NuMedia

Today''s Workshop On Transparency, Openness and NuMedia will be at 3pm in the Lead-lined Room. Among the items on the agenda will be "How can we get rid of the acronym, 'WONTON'?"

Please note that all members of the WONTON will be searched for smartphones, netbooks and other items of the modern social networking world such as pens and paper. Openness is great, but let's not waste it on everybody.


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  2. This sounds very much like a military Orders Group.

    In commercial life, it would be a business meeting. In the military context it denotes the CEO (or CO) delivering his or her orders for a particular activity or operation to the plebs, which they memorise without notes and don't disclose to anyone else. Which has unfortunate consequences when they try to mount the operation and nobody knows what's happening and chaos ensues.

    Off course, telling the potential enemy your plans isn't a good idea (unless you actually prefer them to your CO), but telling your own people what is going on, what is expected of them, and how it will be achieved seems quite a good idea to me.

    Than you have the Padre holding his own Orders Group for everyone.

    "Good morning everyone"
    "We're here today to find out what Jesus would have done in this situation"!

    "First - Thou shalt Kill - I know that this will be difficult for you particularly those devout followers of the 10 commandments - but if you don't kill, you will be killed yourself, which would be quite unfortunate, particularly the paperwork it gives me".

    "Second - Thou shalt steal - again I know that this will be difficult for the devout ones, but we all know that the 'spoils of war' are perfectly legitimate". And they'd nick all our stuff if we let them.

    "Third - Thou shalt covet thy neighbours goods, chattels, oxon and anything else we can get our hands on - the opposite to the commandment, but we need to have a motivation for what the CO want's us to do, so for neighbour, read enemy, for goods and chattels read, takeover their country. Simples really as the Meerkat says".

    "Please bow your heads while we pray that we can go out to kill, steal and covet on behalf of the Queen".


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