Sunday, 1 July 2012

Two Years On

Jairus made a good marriage for his daughter. A bright, young rabbi - nice to keep the running of the synagogue smooth, keep it in the family. They didn't mention that other rabbi, who'd made it all possible. Not a subject for polite company, not now. Though silently Jairus and his wife gave a prayer of thanks.

And that woman who held Jairus up, put his girl at risk that hectic day in the village down by the lake? She wasn't invited of course. She was clean now, but she'd had women's troubles. Not nice. Not polite. Best not take the chance.


  1. The story of Jarius and the unclean woman, make a powerful statement of the power and mercy of God, exercised by Jesus in his ministry.

    I would have thought that these transforming moments for both, would he resonated with them, although, Jesus gave instructions to Jarius and the disciples that his raising of his daughter wasn't to be spoken off. Only later, when the Gospels were written, were these stories drawn on to illustrate how powerful Jesus' ministry had been.


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