Friday, 6 July 2012

What God Really Doesn't Like

As UKViewer pointed out, my Floods post was timely. York University, venue for the Church of England Synod, was struck by lightning today after Convocations voted to move the legislation on women bishops forward.

Unfortunately, God is so unspecific in these omens. Were they seeing the Divine disapproval at the idea of women bishops? Or at the exceptions for traditionalist parishes? God has not made it clear.

But I take note that last time God indulged in theology-related lightning bolts, it was York Minster that took the blow. Which leads me to think - maybe God just doesn't like Yorkshire?


  1. Or the last minute amendments.

    Anyway, God might not be causing the lightening. It might be the devil pretending to be God. The Bible does say it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

    So do the Desert Fathers.

    If I am struck by lightening for writing this will it be God showing His displeasure or satan because I have outed him?

  2. Or it could be that God is further irritated by the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church meeting in Scarborough.

  3. Got it! It is Yorkshire that is the problem. God would prefer to be assembling in somewhere nicer. The Scilly Isles perhaps, or France.


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