Saturday, 6 July 2013

An aid to Counting

Charlii has asked me to ensure all numbers are accurately recorded at all Beaker events. She wants to ensure we are not ovet-reporting to give an impression of success - or, indeed, under-reporting so as to avoid some revenue revelations that might impact our year-end results.

To ensure we get this right please could all Beaker Folk ensure the following:

Please arrive at Occasions five minutes early.  I will lock the door at this point to prevent any late arrivals.
Sit down once I have locked the doors - and do not move!
If you must visit the "facilities", come to me and I will give you a "toilet voucher". Please return it afterwards. Please note that for statistical purposes I will issue vouchers with a time stamp.
Please ensure all Little Pebbles members are in the Children's Corner, aka the Holding Pen.
Do not leave early.  If you are taken ill, let me know and I will assess whether we have valid grounds to let you out.

If we all follow these rules very closely, I am sure we will all rejoice in our better-enumerated community. Don't forget - mathematics rules the Universe. And so numerical accuracy is next to godliness!

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  1. Mathematics rules the Universe? You silly little surd - you wouldn't know a square root from a japanese knotweed.


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