Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Liturgical Error

I'm sorry, my mistake.

When I saw Alrice thrashing around today, waving her arms in the air, hopping oddly and with that fixed expression, I thought she was having a funny turn of some kind. Naturally I gave appropriate treatment - ie lit an aromatherapy candle, applied Hopi Foot Massage, then threw a bucket of water over her and slapped her face when the massage and candle weren't working fast enough.

Turns out she was doing a Liturgical Dance.

Please can all Liturgical Dancers sign the Risk Register in future? This kind of misunderstanding is happening far too often. Last week we'd nearly completed Oddric's funeral before we realised he was merely comprehending the wonders of creation. He was almost a lot closer to the Astral Plane than he had been planning.

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  1. AE, horse flies and cassocks probably aren't an ideal combination. I'd advise people to stay out of the long grass at this time of year if I were you.


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