Friday, 26 July 2013

The Usury Suspects

We suffered quite a surprise last night, Dear Readers. Charlii had set out her stall quite clearly. The local "Payday Loans Company", "Crawley Cash Dot Com", has been lending money to people at stupendous rates of interest. To be honest, they are more of a loan shark than a legitimate lender, hence their slogan - "Money back on payday or you'll wonder where the kitten went".

So Charlii's big idea was to set up a Credit Union, which the Beaker Folk would host. Thus undercutting these people with extortionate rates, while offering debt advice.

Ahem. On deeper investigation, it turns out that "Crawley Cash Dot Com" is a wholly-owned subsidiary of "Fitzroy Finance Ltd" - which in turn belongs to a British Virgin Islands company, "EFR Loans", which is in turn part of "Beaker Folk Pensions (IoM) - the very company that I, and all the senior Druids, have our pensions invested in.

The UK office of Fitzroy Finance is, it turns out, the Moot House. So the good news is, we have technically already achieved our objective!

We have agreed that it's best if we leave well alone.

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