Thursday, 12 September 2013

It Was Always Better With the Last One

In the electronic world, it was Ernie and Greenpatches who have been suggesting things were better under Archdruid Eileen.

And here in the Community, of course, it was always going to happen. Especially after this morning's events where a bunch of Martians blew up the Moot House.

Inevitably, some fool has said that the Moot House was never blown to smithereens when Eileen was in charge. So I have checked the annals, and it turns out that in fact the Moot House was relentlessly and consistently blown up when Eileen was in charge. Blown up, burnt down, flooded, fumigated, and generally smashed to pieces on a regular basis.

In fact, when Eileen was in charge, she was repeatedly told that things were better under her predecessor - despite her not even having a predecessor. The legend of the saintly pastoral predecessor, it would seems, has deeply rooted.

However, I shall continue. I am just now heading over to conduct the unenviable task of negotiation with Drayton Parslow a sharing arrangement for St Bogwulf's chapel. I will be trusting to his Christian charity, generosity and desire to help out fellow-believers. However, given that he thinks we're a group of neo-pagan New Agers with a liberal attitude to sexual repression, I may have to fall back on that other powerful argument. The one that starts out with me pointing out I am his technically his landlord. If he tells me I'm not as good as the last one, I'll remind him of how many times she hit him with her cricket bat.


  1. charlii

    You could always remind Drayton that the Pope has apparently extended the possibility of salvation to all and sundry (presumably to include New-Agers, wodewoses and sheilas na gig). If he says that the Bishop of Rome hath no dominion in Husborne Crawley, then feel free to newly evangelise him with whatever sporting implement comes to hand.

  2. Clearly you are a worthy successor to the Archdruid. She had the question of subjection/leadership perfectly worked out, and when all else failed the cricket bat made its appearance.
    A nod to the wise..........keep handy a supply of billiard cues. They have a longer reach than a cricket bat.

  3. It's good to see that at last Charli is attempting to emulate her illustrious predecessor, who made and set the mould for aggressive, collaborative leadership (Do as I say - not as I do).

    She had it refined and I find her new identity else where quite confusing. It's as if she has a Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde personality. Still posting spurious information, but in an Anglican setting, and totally gentle and pastoral.

    Somehow, I think that she will one day revert to type in her new Benefice and will get out the Cricket Bat and Steel Toe Capped Boots for a PCC meeting which has over extended her good will.

    In the meantime, blowing up the Moot House seems to be a bit like a token gesture. Charli saying "Look at Me, I too can be a rough and tough leader". Im not sure that it's at all convincing.

    As for Ray''s suggestion about billiard cues, a better suggestion is a billiard ball in a long sock :)


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