Sunday, 1 September 2013

On the Eve of St Shanks - an LFC Lament

We have failed in our transfer targets
and are forced to scrabble at the last minute
for legends and memories are not enough
and it's being in Europe that matters.

We sing our songs of the Fields of Anfield Road
yet we sing in the dark.

We look for the Hughes of long ago
The fawnlike effectiveness of Hansen
The Tosh who broke defenders' hearts
And the Smithy who broke forward's legs

And our heart is sunk within us when we consider we can't even outplay Stoke.

How long O Lord?
How long must we look for false dawns?
How long must we hear the taunts from our enemies
Both light blue and red down the East Lancs Road
The riches of Chelsea and the upstarts of Tottenham.

But I know that though we walk through a storm, yet you will lift our heads up high.
We shall not be afraid of the shadow of the dark valley of mid-table obscurity
We will walk on with hope in our heart
because we never walk alone.

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